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PlayStation 4 (PS4) Bladestorm: Nightmare Gaming Review Complete


    Release Date: Out Now

    Genre: TBC


    Developer: Omega Force

Tecmo Koei announced through the Facebook page that their latest game called Bladestorm: Nightmare, will be released for PC via Steam in May 2015. For those of you who do not know, Bladestorm: Nightmare is a remake of the game Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War, an action game -strategy Tecmo Koei released in 2007.

Bladestorm: Nightmare is about the war between the British and French aristocrats in the 14-15 centuries, involving several historic figures such as Jeanne d'Arc, Gilles de Rais, and King Charles VII. Had previously been announced that the American version of the game will be released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 20, 2015

If you feel Bladestorm: Nightmare has a similar appearance to the Dynasty Warriors series, it is only natural because this game is developed by Omega Force who is also the creator of the Warriors series. The most striking difference, in Bladestorm you not only control of the generals who fought in the middle of the sea of ​​people, but here you can also take control of your troops, give orders to them, and activate a variety of skills. Surely this means that an element of strategy on Bladestorm will be deeper than the Dynasty Warriors series.


In addition to the story of the war the British and French, this game also presents an additional scenario called "Nightmare". It is a story that is not related to the story of history, and of the new trailer that you can watch below looked their battle against monsters like dragons and giant griffon. How does Jeanne d'Arc defeat these monsters

Staying busy in the Hundred Years' War scenario involves making a mercenary in the game's fairly deep character creator to lead specialized troops--swords, spears, archers, and the like--into the fray of the ongoing war between the British and the French. Just as in the Warriors games, your job is to go from enemy base to enemy base, clearing out hordes of enemy combatants and their generals, lowering their defenses to nothing until the base commander shows. Killing him or her means that your side sets up shop in the base, and the enemy has fewer reinforcements to prevent you from taking out the big target on the map and clearing the stage.

While there's at least a measure of flash and flair to the ongoing march to war in the Warriors games, Bladestorm tries to throw an RTS twist into the mix, in which you don't directly control one single, legendary fighter, but an entire squad that swarms enemies at the push of a button. Special moves are powerful, but they all have a cool down period, meaning that each coordinated move has to be planned carefully. You also have the ability to pair up with another mercenary--either by switching back and forth at the push of a button or via online cooperation, both of which are new features in this version--and you can strategize your attack to leave enemies trapped in massive walls of zealotry and death.


Though you could do that, chances are pretty good that it's unnecessary. Despite a slew of strategic features and options, generally any squad of any weapon can walk right up to any group of enemies, start slashing, and walk away no worse for wear. There is, ostensibly, a strength/weakness system in which specific weapons are more effective on certain squads than others, but aside from occasional trouble with troops on horseback when you're at a lower level, the chances of your squad being wiped out entirely are slim, especially since you can always retreat from battle to your nearest base, round up a new squad, and take another shot. Failure ends up being a virtual impossibility the further you go, since the enemy AI is profoundly awful. I have literally left the game unpaused to take a phone call, with my squad standing ten feet from a group of enemies, and not had the enemies take a single swipe the whole time. That's a characteristic of Warriors as well, but the fun of stringing together insane, crowd-slaying combos against nigh-defenseless masses is non-existent in a game in which all combat boils down to holding a button until damage numbers stop popping up.

Once upgrades start coming into play, enemies stop being a factor altogether, and pretty much exist just to be cannon fodder. The tavern, which serves as an ersatz base of operations, allows you to level up each squad's attack, defense, and item frequency, as well as giving you the opportunity to select variants with special powers. The variations are actually fairly extensive, which would be delightful if you didn't have the ability to sail through the game using just your hard earned points to buy attack and defense upgrades, never touching the rest. Instead, your enemy most often ends up being the clock, which times every stage at ten minutes, and stops the fighting no matter how much progress you've made. This would not be such a big deal if traveling from enemy base to enemy base didn't usually take two to three minutes, but even on horseback, you still face long stretches of riding through endless unchanging countryside looking for fights.


The tavern and the loading screens provide most of the story, which also ends up being a wash. There's plenty of detail to be mined out of 100 years of war, and the game hits on the highlights, with major figures like Edward the Black Prince, Gilles De Rais, and of course, Joan of Arc all making cameo appearances. The historical highlights are, unfortunately, utterly disconnected from the gameplay. As a mercenary, you're allowed to choose which side of each battle you want to fight on, and no matter how much work you put into claiming territory for one side or the other, the cutscenes still generally ignore your progress in favor of the real event. So all your time spent in taverns, chatting up other mercenaries and a bartender with the worst excuse for a French accent this side of Eddie Izzard's Bond-Villain-With-Broken-Translator skit ultimately makes absolutely no difference to the story.

Does the Nightmare scenario change any of this? Somewhat. It does introduce a more varied throng of enemies than the Hundred Years' War, with magicians, dragons, and snarly goblins. You're allowed to carry over your mercenaries from the Hundred Years' War, and if you owned the original game on PS3, you can import your character from that version. The difficulty level is kicked up a minor notch, so you might actually catch the occasional beatdown if you're not a bit more careful at first. The ten minute time restriction is eliminated in favor of a more dynamic system of shifting objectives, fake enemies, and a map that actually expands as more enemies make their appearance. So, yes, for what it's worth, Nightmare is a better game than the original. However, the core gameplay hasn't been touched, and turning Joan of Arc into an anime villain--who probably-not-coincidentally bears a more than passing resemblance to Cia from Hyrule Warriors--just makes the scenario into a strange Soul Calibur RTS, rather than doing anything interesting with France's beloved Maid selling her soul to stop a war.


Bladestorm: Nightmare is a game trapped in 2007, awkwardly fumbling for a way to push a tried and true formula forward. The ideas are appreciable, but not nearly enough of the required effort has been put in to make this game great or even challenging. Somewhere, a history student is daydreaming of a Hundred Years War full of magic, danger, wild-haired mercenaries, and insane alternate histories in which Joan of Arc becomes witch mistress of Europe. Whatever that kid has in mind, it is certain to be more ambitious than what Bladestorm: Nightmare can provide.


Salam Gamer MANIAK


PlayStation 4 (PS4) Beach Buggy Racing Gaming Review Complete


Release Date: Out Now

Genre: Action / Family / Racing

Publisher: Vector Unit

Developer: Vector Unit

Game Overview

Drive into an action-packed, surprise-filled world of off-road kart racing mayhem!  Race against a field of rival drivers, each with unique personalities and special abilities.  Build a collection of crazy Powerups, like Dodgeball Frenzy, Fireball, and Oil Slick.  Unlock and upgrade a variety of cars, from dune buggies to monster trucks.  Test your skills in 6 different game modes on 15 imaginative 3D race tracks, against a pack of tropical-loving rivals with a serious case of road rage!   

Developed by the team that brought you Hydro Thunder Hurricane™ and Riptide GPr2, Beach Buggy Racing powerslides onto PlayStation 4 completely retuned and remastered for a full console kart racing experience, running at a silky smooth 60fps at 1080p.



Utilize your driving skills and a collection of creative Powerups to fight your way to the finish line.  It’s not just a great looking 3D racing game, it’s an epic battle with spectacular physics-based gameplay!

Race shoulder-to-shoulder with up to 4 friends!

Use your winnings to upgrade a garage full of unique cars, from monster trucks to muscle cars to lunar rovers!  

Beach Buggy Racing crushes other kart racers with over 25 totally unique Powerups, from ricocheting rubber dodge balls to screaming Death Bats, oil slicks, and spring traps.

Explore dinosaur-infested jungles, lava-spewing volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and mysterious alien planets.  Each unique race track is packed with hidden shortcuts and surprises.

Recruit a team of drivers to play with, each with a unique special power like teleportation, flaming fire tracks, and confusion spells.  

Battle your way to victory at 60 silky frames per second and crystal clear 1080p resolution.


It's been four years I have not sampled the fresh scent of the beach. The beach in general, used to sunbathe, play volleyball, or play surfing. But in the game Beach Buggy Racing, you will make the beach as an arena for racing cars. Do not be too serious and fear this race will pollute the beach, yet it's just a game. Then the word 'Buggy' in the title, this game does not mean this game is full of bugs, so back calm yourself. If it is quiet, let's see more about the good or bad race at Beach Buggy Racing.

There are six different types of race modes in Beach Buggy Racing. There is a race mode standard where you have to compete to reach the finish line first than the opponents you, mode time trial in which you will be driving alone then the time you reach to the finish line will compete with other players, there is also a mode where you must destroy objects in the area of ​​the track as much as possible, and no less exciting is the boss versus mode and collecting objects, in which you have to follow the path that has been passed against you in the right order to collect objects that are issued by your opponent.

You will take action in the race track racing on the beach, as once
with the title containing the word beach. At the race track, you'll find a wide variety of power-ups that are ready to be a lifesaver you to be a leader or even become a stumbling block when power-ups fall into enemy hands.

Power-up is divided into two power-ups to attack and defend. To use it you must press the action key located at the top right of the screen your gadget. For those of you who are accustomed to playing Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing (CTR), I think you will quickly understand the game mechanics that I mentioned just now, because of the types of power-ups that are provided are not much different than the second game.


More specifics about the control, your car will move forward automatically and to drift just press the virtual button located on the right and left of the screen. By default you can bend your car with a tilt mode. However, you can also change the tilt mode before the virtual arrow that you can make the car turn by pressing the virtual arrow located on the center left and center right of the screen. For me personally, the control with the virtual arrow is the most convenient.

Is this game uses the energy system? The answer is ... yes. Every stage you need an energy play as the entry ticket. One energy recharge takes twenty minutes and a maximum of energy that you can get only five. So, the time required to achieve maximum energy is one hour and forty minutes, just be boring to the size of a racing game.

But, if you're super champion in terms of racing, you do not have to worry about the existing energy system. Because when you get three stars in each stage you play, you will immediately receive a free energy.

Note the word 'super champion' above. Lebay little word that I use because in this game, to get three stars (the first order of the race) is not enough to just rely on skill race is good and right. You also must perform regular car upgrade, which requires large amounts of money. Money is hard to come by in this game because every race you've completed your only reward money given by a small amount. So, you have to be smart to manage money and diligently perform grinding to perform an upgrade on your car.

It is simple enough to make me itch is a method of random power-ups in this game. When I was at the bottom, should I get a greater opportunity to get a power-up type of attack, but in fact I am even more often get a power-up of the type to defend themselves (such as protective paint or oil that makes the other cars behind us slip ). This is highly disturbing playing comfort me and make this game a less festive.


Of graphics and gameplay mechanisms, Beach Buggy Racing is like ditujukkan for children. But when I play alone, as just now understanding will change. In this game you are required to turn in the right, the drift accurate, and fast in adapting to the soil surface. In Beach Buggy Racing, very influential factor soil surface in acceleration and handling in turns. For example, on the surface of clay, your car will be more difficult to turn and slower in acceleration compared to when your car on the surface of the asphalt.

Not to forget, the design of the track was made quite interesting. You will not only pass the track open, but will also feel the darkness of the cave, swift water fountains, as well as steep cliffs you ready to make racing more colorful. A total of twelve tracks will accompany you compete to be the number one rider in this game.

Beach Buggy Racing to finish, you need to spend a lot of time. It could be that you need more than ten hours to finish it. Therefore, the stage provided fairly much. There are 105 stages in this game, everything is divided into 15 world consists of many world theme. So, you experience racing here will always be different from the time, the good effect of course boredom would be difficult to perch on your head.

Speaking of power-up, the good news is that you can hear ye shall
encounter 27 types of power-ups are different. Initially, you only have eight power-ups that you can use. The bad news. the rest of the other twenty only you can unlock using diamond which is none other than IAP is the currency in this game. So pathetic.

Not only cars that can you tinkering. The driver can also treat you the same thing. Nine driver control the car is ready for you to be the fastest on the track. Each driver has his special skill each. You can not just menggonta replace the driver, because the driver of the existing eight status is locked. To open the other drivers, you have to beat them first.

Worse, even if you've defeated them, you do not really get a driver that you just defeated, there is still one more step you have to do, namely to pay the amount of IAP then then you can get a new driver.

Back for a moment to the matter of energy. Energy stingy in this game is an impact on the number of coins that you can receive. Coins needed in this game the number is not in accordance with your needs. I almost can not afford a car equipment in accordance with the level of my final requirement. The solution is of course to do the grinding, but my business is again confronted with the problem of energy stingy in this game. Sometimes, it makes me a little lazy play Beach Buggy Racing.


In contrast to the energy that is feasible given the thumbs upside down, the graphics contained in this game is worth you gave a rousing applause. Details of each object that you see a very smooth feel for the size of mobile games. Plus the effects of rain splash stuck to the screen, the more my heart will be amazed by the quality of the graphics you'll enjoy the game created by Vector Unit's. Without play, from the screenshots else you'd be nodding in agreement with my opinion is not it?

Such reviews can CheatStationer convey to PlayStation 4 Beach Buggy Racing Gaming Review, may be menanbah knowledge avid gamers wherever you are, and survived having fun play the game.


Salam Gamer MANIAK


PlayStation 4 (PS4) Battlefield: Hardline Gaming Review Complete


Release Date: Out Now

Genre: First Person Shooter / Action

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Visceral Games

Game Overview

Get a piece of the action in Battlefield™ Hardline, a fresh, new take on Battlefield that allows you to live out your cops and criminal fantasy.

Combining an emotionally-driven single player story inspired by popular TV crime dramas, and an all-out-war multiplayer on the streets of Los Angeles and Miami, Hardline delivers the most complete FPS on the market.

Game Features

Cops & Criminals Meet in a World Full of Crime
Lead your crew as detective Nick Mendoza in an episodic crime drama single player Campaign or as cops and criminals in intense high-speed Battlefield multiplayer. You’re on one side of the law or the other - time to hit the streets.

Seize and Detain

More money, more problems. Take control using new tactics to gather intel, obtain warrants and takedown with non-lethal force to make his arrests. Secure the cash in a thrilling new battlefield playground.

The Fastest Battlefield Ever

Fulfill your need for speed in thrilling new action packed modes that make for intense and fluid gameplay. Hop in new powerful muscle cars, sleek bikes or even give your whole crew a lift in transport or armored trucks.


New Gadgets, New Strategies

New maps and gadgets change the way you play. Use grappling hooks and ziplines to scale city buildings and zip across the city with the cash. No matter the strategy, teamwork will be essential to running the turf war.

If you ask, I will answer that there are only two in the world multiplayer FPS, Call of Duty and Battlefield. Both of them have been there since 12 years ago and almost never escape the debate about who is better. After a long series is arguably the more repetitive, Activision has finally released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brings new gusts. However Battlefield Hardline take this even further, they changed the theme of the war was the theme of urban crime with many new elements.

Single Player - such as Watch TV Series

Battlefield Hardline change everything you know about Battlefield. You no longer play in the inter-state warfare missions with military force, but the police fight against crime. You play as Nick Mendoza, a new detective who with colleagues, Khai, was assigned to uncover a drug syndicate in the city of Miami. You will start from the bottom of the chain, the lowest dealers to eventually handle more cases and dangerous suspects

The unique design of Battlefield Hardline is a story approach that uses the style of a television series. The story is divided into seasons and smaller again divided into episodes. For this initial release we can enjoy the first season with 10 episodes that can be attained within 8-10 hours, depending on how you choose to enjoy this game. The use of force is quite thick television series ranging from the recap before playing until the next episode preview when you stop playing. Certainly no spoiler. On the contrary, the more intriguing.

Being a detective is of course very different than being a soldier with a Rambo style that we often encounter in the series Battlefield and Call of Duty before. You used to be able to kill all the people in the headquarters by means of shooting at them directly, but here you and a small gun you must think strategically. But do not worry, a variety of new gadgets ready to help.

The first is the basic gadgets detective badge you. If you settle in behind the enemy and surprise them with a badge then they raise their hand and dropped the weapon. But of course this is not the end of your job. If you're not handcuffed, then they might try to resist you. And if you encounter too many people then these criminals will also be more daring and reckless. You can see whether they would fight or not to see the meter in their heads.


You can also be a bit of fun by way of sneaking behind them and fired shock and saw them fall without a fight. You can see the position and visibility through enemy radar so that you can plan your movements.

The second gadget is no less important is the bullet. You can throw shell into a certain direction and the nearest criminals will start walking in that direction. This shell casings could be more lethal when throwing rather than fired. This makes a new dimension to the game that is synonymous with heavy weapons and soldiers full of steroids.

Does this mean that every mission should be resolved in a way sneaked? Yes and no. Sometimes you can be mad and try to fight all the enemies there. It is not going to be easy because you're just a regular detective with a vest bullet against dozens of enemies with automatic weapons. But sometimes an episode would be too difficult to pass if you choose the path of Rambo. It's not impossible, but it would be very difficult. Personally freedom ways to complete a mission becomes a more distinct values. The developer did this fairly smoothly so I never feel forced to undergo a linear mission with no choice.

You will also be equipped with a scanner that can help you to identify the criminals. Like the Prophet nanovision belongs, here you can use a scanner to identify the evidence, determine the location of the enemy, until it detects an enemy who has a special gift (bounty). If the enemy with the bounty of this price you kill then you can say goodbye to your bonus.

In general, this new gameplay feels fresh and stale at the same time. Because the concept of the sneak and kill already widely used ranging from Assassin's Creed up to Crysis. Now Battlefield go jump with its own color. But this does not mean Battlefield Hardline flawless pass the test, there are quite a lot of disability to be honest.

Disability And Silliness

Issued a badge or ambush the enemy is nice but it feels weird if there are multiple enemies around. You can go to the enemy and shouted "Hands up!" Without disturbing other enemies that may only be 5-6 meters ahead. As long as they do not see you, then you are almost free to do whatever you want. As if the enemy does not have ears, eyes only. But this is not entirely true, because if you're running toward the enemy, they will hear you. While it does not happen with a shout. Nothing feels consistent.

Let's not forget Khai, the partner us. From time to time he will assist and accompany you in the mission, but do not expect him to work properly. You could even consider this partner is not there. It is ridiculous that you will encounter from time to time is Khai will decide that he can walk in front of the enemy without being seen and this universe seems to agree with Khai. If you walk too fast and achieve a hard place then Khai will follow without considering that he was passing the 3 enemies with weapons. But it was not a problem because the enemy also decided not to look Khai. This will not affect gameplay in addition to making you feel stupid.

Even so, I still can not take this all but a bug which is the belle of the main Battlefield Hardline. The first week of contracting multiplayer bug that prevents you to join the server. In some computers, including those that I use, even you can not play single player and was greeted with a blue circle which continues to spin.

Version of the console (PlayStation 4) that I use in this initial impression is that tasted better versions initially. Single player works normally, multiplayer too. But apparently in the middle of the game you will find a fatal bug in single player so you can not go unless you repeat the episode and perform certain steps were found to collectively by the players who stuck with the same bug.

Battlefield Hardline without any bug is on the verge of a boring game or a game that is quite okay to play. But with this bug I can not advise you to buy it now. Battlefield Hardline has some exciting new features and also some 'folly' that appear consistently. Battlefield Hardline play single player feels like a roller coaster where is the fun uphill and down steep is folly. You get a complete package alternately as long as you play this vehicle.


Multiplayer - Menggila Together

I will conclude Battlefield Hardline multiplayer experience with one word: fun. New modes like Heist, Blood Money, or Hotwire really makes multiplayer feels new and strange in a good way. For example in Heist mode you will switch roles in trying to break the bank or maintain a bank of attacks by criminals. Feels like I'm playing a movie scene directly.

Hotwire mode is also somewhat better, because you can control a variety of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, up by helicopter. One person driving and the rest can be shelled and began to defend or seize the opponent vehicle. You can forget about shoot quickly or accurately and started a craze with your vehicle.
But one thing is starting to feel less after playing many times is cooperation. This new mode require the cooperation of a compact to make it more exciting. My question is what kind of cooperation you can get from playing online? Maybe DotA or LoL, amounting to 5 people can still be arranged, but we are talking about dozens of people here and all of them act as they wish when we have special purposes. So after trying to enjoy a multiplayer mode for hours, I finally realized that if this game wants to really enjoy so I need a compact group of friends. In my case it was something difficult to do.

But fortunately Hardline have fashion classic team deathmatch. You only need to kill the enemy, that's all. But when you're against 32 others, easily you will be killed. Thirty-two players against 32 others is a delightful chaos. If this is the way Battlefield gameplay to speed up their famous slow then they do it too extreme because not infrequently I live only to die again two seconds later. Moreover spawn point also feels unbalanced, often I find that 5 people spawn in front of my eyes and I was happy to bombard them from behind.

For business arms and specialties you'll find the typical pattern Battlefield. There are four classes that have different roles. Carriers are basically healer, Mechanic can repair damaged vehicles, or Professional with landmines and weapons away. If you've ever played a Battlefield 3 or 4 and you will not find anything really new here. Even the design of the interface was fairly similar to the previous Battlefield series.

So yes Battlefield Hardline fun. However I do not have the feeling that this is a competitive game in a professional manner. If I want to have fun then I would not hesitate to play Battlefield Hardline. But if I wanted to hone my shooting ability, studying the map, plot the movement of the enemy, and began to more seriously want to play then I will go back to Call of Duty.



I spent less than 10 hours to try Battlefield Hardline. I will spend more time and give my full review. I'm sure some or even a lot of things will change. But for now I do not dare give advice on buying Battlefield Hardline. DICE and Visceral need to do something with the various bugs that existed before we can really enjoy it.

Various users on the official forum Battlefield been days can not play, and although it seems this problem occurs sporadically, but my own experience. So hold on your intention to buy now and wait for the discount, or at least after they decided to fix various bugs fatal available.


Salam Gamer MANIAK


PlayStation 4 (PS4) Battlefield 4 Gaming Review Complete


     Release Date: Out Now

     Genre: Action

     Publisher: Electronic Arts

     Developer: DICE

Game Overview

Battlefield 4™ is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory. Fueled by the next-generation power and fidelity of Frostbite™ 3, Battlefield 4 provides a visceral, dramatic experience unlike any other.

Only in Battlefield can you demolish the buildings shielding your enemy. Only in Battlefield will you lead an assault from the back of a gun boat. Battlefield grants you the freedom to do more and be more while playing to your strengths and carving your own path to victory.

In addition to its hallmark multiplayer, Battlefield 4 features an intense, dramatic character-driven campaign that starts with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and follows your squad's struggle to find its way home.

There is no comparison. Immerse yourself in the glorious chaos of all-out war, found only in Battlefield.

Battlefield 4 is the answer to the Electronic Arts game series Call of Duty already very global. The launch of Battlefield 4 has been highly anticipated by the FPS fans around the world and if you do not know ever heard about Battlefield at all then chances are you live in a cave :). But whether this game managed to do it this time or is this just a new series of reforms which will also be forgotten quickly?


Gameplay: Still Together With Battlefield Previous

If you've played a previous series and you will not find many surprises in Battlefield 4. Even if you never played any shooter game that Battlefield 4 will feel very familiar. You will be driving a vehicle of war, blowing up walls, shoot enemy tanks and hundreds of soldiers. As with the previous series in Battlefield 4 of this series, the game feels more open than with Call of Duty in terms of approach to the war, but still can not be called open world game.

The control feels accurate as usual and every weapon I shot feels weight and powerful. But that does not mean all tasted the same weapons, of course, each weapon has the "feel" of her each and you'll find plenty of options in the series this time. In the story modes you can select the weapon you've found during play when accessing ammo crate, so it was not a weapon lying around you that can be used.

It will not initially be too pronounced, but as you play so you can experiment with a variety of weapons that you have encountered situations. You will still carry two weapons and two explosives at the same time, but there is no limit what weapons you can carry.

in Battlefield 4 game is fairly good. They will use a protection well and will try to get you out of the sanctuary by throwing grenades or twisting of the side (flanking). The difficulty to kill the enemy (and killed enemies) depending on the difficulty level you choose. In Battlefield 4 you will not see too many enemies standing in an open area, shooting at you, walk towards the walls, or do not shoot when it was face to face as you often encounter in the game with an AI that is less intelligent. AI of the troops as well as of the smart, they will run in front of you when down a street but when you start shooting they will move sideways, AI troops are also not stupid to be stuck in a place and impede your journey.

I did find some bugs when playing, but most of these bugs can be solved by updating graphics card drivers. Some other bug I found was floating corpses and a bug that makes me die when climbing stairs. However bug is rare and does not bother me when playing at all. It is true that there are a lot of innovations in the gameplay of Battlefield 4, but I think this game does not need them. Failure Battlefield 3 was contributed by the story of the weak and fortunately it was repaired in Battlefield 4.


Story: Acting Alone Actually Bit Is Enough

Battlefield 3 has a quality multiplayer gameplay is very exciting, but the single-player mode was lacking something. The players clearly expect a very fantastic stories of famous game like this, but unfortunately the story is bland and easily forgotten. Battlefield 4 fix this in almost every side, Battefield 4 offers a powerful story mode with a definite character name you'll remember a long time even after finishing the game.

You will play as Daniel Recker, member of the US Special Forces team named Tombstone. Tombstone is one of the military group trying to overcome a military coup in China due to murder Jin Jie, politicians are voicing system change in China and potentially great country to become China's next president. As a result, Shanghai became chaotic and Commander Zhang invaded this city and seize the leadership.

Like most shooters, you will act as a low-level members of the military and you will spend a lot of time with bullets and grenades, and instead of arguing with Chinese politicians to resolve this problem. Regardless of whether the story is somewhat better or not, this story certainly is able to make bond evident in every mission that you live. This is a big improvement when compared with Battlefield 3.

Most characters you will encounter in this game will leave an impression, but most of the time you will spend with the Irish, a colleague in Tombstone and with "Hannah" a Chinese intelligence agent who cooperated with the Tombstone. Fortunately, the voice actor who fills this character is fairly steady. Irish, played by Michael K. Williams, who is famous for her role as Omar on television shows The Wire and Hannah, played by Jessika Van. Both voice actors I mentioned his name because without them then this game will not seem the same. Both of these characters have a well-written dialogue and the voice actors have chemistry that feels so real.

DICE (developer of this game) have been quite careful to emphasize the story in the series Battlefield 4 and keep the plot remain reasonable. For example, you will never fly a plane in this game because Recker was not a pilot. This may noticeably reduce the pleasure of playing, but with a focus like this story becomes awake quality. Unfortunately this also means the story will be short-lived fashion, a veteran player can finish the game in less than 6 hours.

Luckily you will have a reason to play the fashion story because then you will be given several options that have a major influence on the ending. If I tell you more then it would be a spoiler, but all I can say is I am very, very surprised with my first ending.

Stories Battlefield 4 is not perfect. You can see the nature of the cynical character of Irish highly redundant and there are some plot story that will make you wonder why it may occur. This game also had barely touched some racial issue but before that happens Battlefield 4 end so it will not affect your play. The story is short but very exciting as an action movie and you will find some interesting karaker the course.


Atmosphere: Welcome in Asia

Visually Battlefield 4 can be said to be very, very impressive. At the highest graphics settings the game looks as good as any other PC game I ever toy and roads with very smooth. And fortunately DICE using an entire folder with effesien, you will be invited to Shanghai down at night in heavy rain and Singapore when a tropical storm hit. You will also be involved in fights in the water by boat toned look very realistic.

But what distinguishes this game from others is the level of detail. Environment created with various ornaments complete and feels very real and alive. But unfortunately even though the environment is very beautiful but you will not have much time to look around, not with the Chinese soldiers who were firing at you.

The voice on the Battlefield 4 really deserves thumbs up. The whirring sound of bullets and explosions this game could make your bones vibrate (if you adjust the sound loud enough). In addition you can also hear the speech of the Chinese army in detail. His music is also fairly good, DICE choose to use electronic music with a very minimalist and let the original sounds of war fill the atmosphere of your room. But even so the music at a low frequency and is able to repeatedly make battles feel better again.



I will post a special on Battlefield 4 multiplayer so I've played long enough and leveling, but from what I've played this time experience the same can be said. Like the previous series players can choose one of several classes and customize with various equipment. Of course as you play and level up the new equipment will also open for use.

Rush, Conquest and Team & Squad Deatmatch still the main menu of the multiplayer. There is a new menu called obliteration that is seemingly trying to combine pertermpuran with a number of players with a lot of Rush mode. But when I try, I bounced back to the lobby, ntah bug or is still not there are people who play this mode. Later I will discuss further.

New additions in multiplayer is a Test Range, where you can try all the weapons and vehicles in this game in an arena without enemies. You can access this menu to practice weapons and vehicles, suitable for new players. I actually plan to spend a long time in Test Range for learning to fly a helicopter without destroying them in an instant.

There is also a new mode named Commander, which is integrated with the tablet app where you can play as a commander in the war that donated supplies and provide guidance people who are playing on the PC, but it was not yet available at the time this revew made. And even if the already available then you have to level up to 10 to be able to access it.

There is nothing really new in the multiplayer 4, practically the same as Battlefield 3 except with a new map and a few minor changes. But then again, it's not a bad thing. If you like the multiplayer Battlefield 3 (in which millions of people like it) then you'll love the multiplayer Battlefield 4. Personally, I can not wait to return to the battlefield.



Battlefield 4 is an incredible game. You will not find innovations that are completely new, but it's not necessary if from the beginning of this game is already using a formula that really steady. Passing DICE Battlefield 4 has successfully added the missing piece and it was an interesting story. It has made a series Battlefield Battlefield 4 as the best so far.


Salam Gamer MANIAK


PlayStatione 4 (PS4) Batman: Arkham Knight Gaming Review Complete


        Release Date: Out Now

        Genre: Action / Adventure

        Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

        Developer: Rocksteady

OK! thank you very much for the avid gamer who has been where you are stopped at cheatstationer, so a review of the game PlayStatione 4 (PS4) Batman: Arkham Knight Gaming Review Complete which we can pass, may be useful and can add to the knowledge of the gamer as well.
Good luck with the game and having fun in his spare time friends of the players as well.

Title as the best superhero game adaptation ever deserved carried by the project Batman Arkham of Rocksteady Studios. Riveting in Batman: Arkham Asylum and refined in Batman: Arkham City with the concept of open-world more leverage, the adventure becomes the Dark Knight apparently could no longer be perfect. Almost all the elements are executed with a sweet, from the design environment, character, until the fabric of the story that is unique, surprising, and also strong. Reflecting on these two projects, it is not surprising if waiting to Batman: Arkham Knight is so remarkable. Even though in the end, for PC gamers, it led to a disaster.

You are able to read our preview of the previous course already getting enough picture about Batman: Arkham Knight's. Regardless of the controversy and problems that plague its PC version, forcing Warner Bros. to withdraw, Batman: Arkham Knight in the console version of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One it shows topnotch quality. World wide without a loading screen that was promised is implemented well, with visual detail ciamik and rain effects were dramatic. Everything was achieved virtually without any technical problems and significant drop in framerate. In terms of gameplay, it is not much different.

So, what is actually offered by Batman: Arkham Knight this? Why do we call it a series of cover that is not satisfactory? This review will discuss it in for you.


Batman: Arkham Knight

Season Pass and Featured DLC

This season pass for Batman: Arkham Knight delivers regular new content for 6 months post-launch, featuring new story missions, more supervillains invading Gotham City, new playable Batmobiles, advanced challenge maps, alternative character skins, and new drivable race tracks.

Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion
Play as Batman with the Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion, featuring legendary super-villains invadingGotham City. In these story missions, The Dark Knight faces the most dangerous super criminals as chaos continuesto erupt in the streets of Gotham. This pack includes 4 separate missions with all new story arcs featuring Ra’s AlGhul, The Mad Hatter, Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze.

Batman™: Arkham Knight 2008 Movie Batman Skin
Patrol the streets of Gotham City with this Batman costume inspired by the 2008 movie ‘The Dark Knight’.

Batman™: Arkham Knight Original Arkham Batmobile
Seize control from Gotham City’s most notorious villains with the original Arkham Asylum Batmobile.

Batman™: Arkham Knight Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #5
Get this Crime Fighter Challenge Pack to receive various combat and predator maps featuring Batman, theBatmobile, Nightwing, Azrael, and Harley Quinn. This expansive challenge pack allows focused training in FreeflowCombat and Invisible Predator stealth incursion.

Batman™: Arkham Knight Rocksteady Themed Batmobile Skin
Customize the legendary Batmobile with this unique Rocksteady themed skin.


Game Details

In the explosive finale to the Arkham series, Batman faces the ultimate threat against the city he is sworn to protect. The Scarecrow returns to unite an impressive roster of super villains, including Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn, to destroy The Dark Knight forever. Batman: Arkham Knight introduces Rocksteady's uniquely designed version of the Batmobile, which is drivable for the first time in the franchise. The addition of this legendary vehicle, combined with the acclaimed gameplay of the Batman Arkham series, offers gamers the ultimate and complete Batman experience as they tear through the streets and soar across the skyline of the entirety of Gotham City. Be The Batman.
  • Terror Unleashed

Gotham falls victim to Scarecrow's fear toxin, transforming the famous city into a twisted, hellish nightmare in the Batman: Arkham Knight Scarecrow Nightmare Pack.

Tear through the city in the all-new batmobile and face off against a towering vision of Scarecrow and his undead army as they spread terror on the streets, available exclusively on Playstation 4.


Batman: Arkham Knight itself is positioned as a direct sequel to the series of Batman: Arkham City, which closed with a surprising ending. The main enemy of Batman - Joker ended up dying as a consequence of what he did in the series Arkham Asylum and disappear from existence. As the biggest threat owned Gotham, would be the rational thing to think that this would be the end of everything - that the city would eventually secure and Bruce Wayne no longer have to fight for the identity of both. But the assumption is wrong. Batman just have to deal with the threat is much greater.

Scarecrow now takes over Gotham. With the mission of "classic" to make the Batman to his knees and opened his identity, Scarecrow managed to collect the other antagonist - Riddle, Two-Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy and to execute his evil plans. But the most important part? He also managed to recruit a new villain named Arkham Knight, who does not like other criminals, really "understand" Batman outside and inside. Not only wrapped in a similar costume, anyone brains behind Arkham Knight seemed to understand this way of thinking, action, strategy, and the secret of the real Batman. Worse yet? He comes not alone, but with the ranks of the armed forces and drones that are all designed for two things, mastering destroy Gotham and Batman.

To ensure the safety of Gotham, the immediate evacuation process is done to make sure they are innocent could get out safely. However, this does not preclude great plan Scarecrow's fear gas throw in massive quantities and make Gotham destroy itself from within. Unfortunately, Batman himself is not in the best condition. Contaminated blood that was injected into his veins Joker in Batman: Arkham City is now starting to show its effect. Behind the mask of Batman, is now not only Bruce Wayne.

Rocksteady since the beginning itself already mention that Arkham Knight designed as the last series for the Arkham series for which they have developed. It was designed to conclude the final Batman story, something that even glide through the mouth Gordon since the beginning of the game you play as a narrator.

So, can the Batman to save Gotham? Who actually was behind the mask Arkham Knight? Arkham how the story will end? Answers of all these questions you can get to play Batman: Arkham Knight's.


Welcome to Gotham

Since he is certain to be built with the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC as the focus, Rocksteady have claimed that they get the extra performance that allows them to develop something better in Batman: Arkham Knight. Initial step? Creating a wider world and full of detail. After being trapped in a mental hospital Asylum in the first series and one session of town "small" in Arkham City that was built specifically for the imprison psychopaths, you are finally free to explore Gotham - the actual city protected by Batman. Impression of "comprehensive" flows not only from the size of the town slide that claimed five times bigger than Arkham City, but also it offers a deeper perception about the Batman universe itself.

Gotham successfully constructed with fantastic by Rocksteady. Cities covered this evening get incredible detail. Lighting, design different buildings, up to the effects of rain that continues to fall - always dramatic effects when Batman flapping wings and hovering above it. But one of the main charms instead of the impression that after Arkham City is so closed, Gotham provide a more complete picture about the world that must be protected Bruce Wayne as Batman.

You can see how magnificent Wayne Tower the highest standing and even met Lucius Fox there. But the most fantastic thing is that they integrate antagonists of franchise DC others - Lex Luthor into this game. Building one company Lex - Lex Corp with brightly lit logo you can find here. You also can hear a recording of a private telephone message Lex on Bruce Wayne asking one successful technology developed by Wayne Industries to he used. Gotham offers something more for Batman trip this time, no longer just a building that serves as an anchor for your grappling hook. He makes Batman such a part of something bigger.

Faster, More Brutal

Series Batman: Arkham has always been known as one of the game action which also implements the empty hand combat system best. Managed to strengthen the identity of Batman as a hero who never wanted to kill his enemy, the combat system is built on top of the combo and counter systems were outstanding, decorated with animated movement that also deserves to be applauded. The identity itself is not much different in Batman: Arkham Knight. You are already familiar with the system of the two previous series does not seem to be having trouble mastering the battle in Arkham: Knight. Of course, challenges will arise from the variation of enemies you face - which sometimes can not be subdued with a mere punch combo.

So like the series Arkham previously, you also always have the option to play safer by prioritizing the existing stealth. You can subdue enemies with Stealth Takedown which not only minimize your risk of death by silly, but it is also a trigger for a new battle system which is injected Rocksteady Batman: Arkham Knight's. Stories that you are now wearing the lighter variant Batsuit allows Batman to move faster and agile than ever before. The result? There are two new mechanics - Fear Takedown Takedown and Enviroment you can trigger to kill the enemy instantly.

If you successfully execute a Stealth Takedown, then the opportunity to save one chance of doing Fear Takedown will be obtained. Just like takedown in general, it can be triggered from a distance close to an enemy who has not realized the position of your character. Fear Takedown allows you to kill a lot of enemies at once by beruntut where you have the opportunity to further define your target, so you can always give priority to the enemy that you think, the most annoying. Fear Takedown itself is open, which means - the other enemy will realize your position once completed executed. While Enviroment Takedown, as the name suggests, is executed by utilizing the surrounding environment.

One difference is also quite clear from the battle system is also rooted in the use of gadgets for strategic advantage now easier. Empty hand fighting with many enemies, which comes with a variety of sizes and weapons is certainly not easy. But now with a special bar that works you wake up through the execution of the right combo, you can use a particular shortcut to remove existing gadgets and maximize their function. Using the grappling hook to takedown enemy farther or Remote Electric Discharge to temporarily stun enemies instantly make Batman has more advantages in battle. If all these options are not effective to eject you from the desperate condition, you can always be picked up enemy weapons and swung directly into their own faces.

Unfortunately, one of the innovations that are injected Rocksteady's Arkham Knight does not taste as sweet as one might imagine. Absolutely, we're talking about a system of "Dual Team" which seemed to be one of the major selling points that kept Rocksteady discussed prior to release. Basically, Dual Team allows you to change characters in real-time while fighting or even execute movements along strike. You will be accompanied by a variety of characters, from Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman himself up. Hope that this system will be implemented as a system of three characters GTA V? We have bad news for you. Dual Team turned out to only be used in certain scenarios in the story, and the sensation is not seepik imaginable. It is interesting to replace characters in real-time and collaborate in a combo attack or puzzle there. But it would be far more interesting and different feel, if they can implement the same in the free-roam. In the meantime, the Dual-Team feels more like a gimmick and nothing more.

Actually, from the basic game systems Batman: Arkham Knight, he is not much different from the Arkham City, which admittedly quite a relief. Why? Because, basically, never mind the battle system is perfect for capturing the essence of Batman as a superhero, and the decision of weeks to keep it sweet fruit. As with the two previous systems as well, no system of experience points earned from every sidequest you solve and fight your catch. Skill points can you distribute to strengthen Batman from multiple aspects, including the Batmobile!

Batmobile - Not As exciting as that Conceivable!

We may say, including one of those gamers who continue to fantasize and dream of how exciting adventures of Batman Batmobile if they are successfully implemented into it. The extent of Arkham City seems to be a strong reason for these needs. Imagine how you explore Gotham with tank design offered Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight, while saving the NPCs who need help so great expectations. And what a joy to us, and perhaps - the millions of other gamers around the world, when the existence of Gotham and Rocksteady announced Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight. Unfortunately, menjajalnya directly lead to the same conclusion - there is something wrong with the concept Batmobile in this game.

One thing is certain, Batmobile produce a significant effect - making the city of Gotham is supposed five times bigger than Arkham City lead not noticeably bigger than Arkham City. The fact that you can now call your Batmobile sped from anywhere and without any thought which should create further distance from one point to another, can be achieved in a short time. Batmobile presence nullify it.


Moreover, you can still do whatever you want in Gotham without having to think about anything with the Batmobile, given plot which is telling that Gotham has now been cleared of civilians. You see how the Gotham city crowded with "resident" and "car" in the trailer and screenshots Arkham Knight before? Absolutely, all of them are criminals who need to beat, or this time - you libas with the Batmobile. High speed without any thought? Batmobile feels more like a tool that was created to facilitate the transportation distance that extends for Gotham size larger than Arkham City, and nothing more. There is no special feeling or even a badass when you drive it. One reason, perhaps because the enemies you encounter.

The potential to maximize the actual Batmobile wide open, especially if Rocksteady implement how it is used by Batman in the film series to stop the action of the crew snapper criminals such as Joker, Two-Face, Penguin games. But what you get in Arkham Knight? Persistent effort to ensure that this does not end up being a Batmobile weapon "killer" that will hurt the identity of Batman who is living with that value, it makes the implementation of this new feature feels empty. You face is simply the Drone Tanks that are not manned at all that feels like a puppet that you destroyed without the consequence at all. Even the concept that controlled Gotham troops unmanned automatic machine alone is quite strange from the beginning, a technology that has never before appeared in the Batman world.

Batmobile itself has two modes. As a vehicle, you can raced like a racing game in general and maneuvered nimbly. No need to fear stuck because of a variety of objects that exist - Batmobile can overcome many obstacles and destroy it automatically. Even if the you do not accidentally "bumping" the criminals, the game will be made as if each of them had only fainted due to the electrical effects which seem to envelop this Batmobile.

The second mode is a Battle mode that will turn you into a kind Batmobile Tank. With two weapons - a cannon and a machine gun, Batmobile can be maneuvered to the left and to the right with agile without changing the position of the muzzle of the car at all. This mode spearhead when dealing with variations thrown Drones Arkham Knight. Again to support the identity of Batman, this weapon will automatically turn into a bullet to immobilize when you shoot it into ordinary criminals, rather than Drones.

Batmobile presence also raises a lot of variety of new challenges in Arkham Knight who had never taken the previous series. There are puzzles and side missions are now focused solely on making it as a focus. One of the missions will require you spur high speed in a tunnel to ignore gravity, others require you to think hard to create a way for him to enter an area that was almost impossible to be bypassed, while others make it as one solution to the puzzle that can not be released so only. Side missions are simply asking you to destroy the Drones in a certain amount is also offered. At least, the implementation of such a function is even more creative.

Basically, drive Batmobile in Arkham Knight did not end up as nicely as one might imagine. You always dream to show off in the middle of the bustling city of Gotham, where the slightest negligence could only lead to the deaths of residents of the city. However, if you do not memacunnya not fast enough, then you will lose the direction of criminals who seek to pursue. But you get in Arkham Knight Batmobile actually spur opportunities in the empty street and minimal threat, which had no effect at all flex. You might be fascinated in the first 1-2 times you call him. Next? Meh.

Closing Unsatisfactory

You've been plagued with so many screenshots, trailers and rumors. Rocksteady always mention that Arkham Knight is a cover for a trilogy series that they've developed since the beginning. Implementation to the main story is worthy of thumbs up, there are so many plot twist and character dynamics that can never be predicted in advance. But for a game that really closes a franchise with outstanding quality? Arkham Knight does not feel special at all.

The fact that you are dealing with side missions built "lazy" is just the beginning of everything. Rocksteady was also attempting to "force" you to enjoy this game longer, even if you actually do not wish for it - a design choice that is very annoying. Absolutely, to trigger an actual ending, Batman: Arkham Knight requires you to throw 14 main villain in the story. This means, you are forced to complete every side quest that is, without exception. The bad news? You mean also must capture the Riddler as one of the main villain - which can only be triggered when you successfully complete more than 200 puzzles which he spread throughout Gotham. Absolutely, Riddler Challenge of the previous two series Arkham now turned into a "must" if you want to trigger a perfect ending Arkham Knight.

As one gamer who always lazy complete the mission Riddler little too much and this sucks, we finally decided to switch to Youtube only after successfully arrested 13 other antagonist. Seeing the perfect ending version of Rocksteady, which is supposed to be the final conclusion of the epic adventures of Batman, our brains just took a little chatter, "Gitu talaga?". For an ending that should put an end to everything, ending in Batman: Arkham Knight is not as strong and emotional imaginable. A conclusion that is predictable, cliche, and will be forgotten. Disappointing.



For a fantastic continuation Arkham series, Batman: Arkham Knight actually done their job very well. You are still involved in a fight during a Batman that you know, and the fabric of full solid main story plot twist that is surprising and exciting at the same time. Not only that, the battle system is so attractive bare hands in two initial series is also enhanced in this last series, through Takedown new variations, combinations of attacks gadget and expertise Batman who now feels more veterans. World wide, full of detail, and trap you as part of the wider world also makes Gotham so charming. The combination of the actual basis, has confirmed Arkham Knight as an action game that is above average.

However, it does not mean this game is perfect. Although it does not have a lot of technical problems on the side of the console, there are some determination design that makes us pretty scratching his head. The choice to go back "emptying" Gotham and filled only with drones and small class criminals makes no seepik Batmobile driving experience imaginable. Slowly but surely, he is more felt as a means of transportation that minimize the distance offered Rocksteady in Gotham. One of the biggest complaints we may have on the design of side missions that feels lazy, uncreative, and so repititif.

As an action game, especially for your lovers Arkham series, this game will still look the same memesonanya. However, for a series of games designed to end the adventure Batman Rocksteady, Arkham Knight really did not feel satisfying. We were expecting something full impact, something epic, something that deserves to continue to be discussed even up to 3 years. But who obtained it feels like a series Arkham Origins, series of "side" that is not too impressive. For us, Arkham City still feels more amazing than this series, regardless of the innovations they are trying to offer.


Salam Gamer MANIAK



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