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PlayStation 4 (PS4) Cosmophony Game Review Complete


     Release Date: Out Now

     Genre: Action

     Publisher: Moving Player

     Developer: Moving Player

Game Datail 

Cosmophony is a musical shooter designed for demanding gamers looking for original and intense gaming experience.

You have to control the heart of the goddess fell in a dying universe to fulfill his destiny. Your goal is to progress through a series of levels designed to be played to an exhilarating, 100% drum and bass soundtrack by DJ Salaryman (DnB Arena, notes RAM).


Discover powerful new gaming experience that is uniquely satisfying.

- Unique synesthetic design based on music

- Impressive HD graphics with psychedelic background videos

- 100% DnB soundtrack created specifically for the game

Note that this game is designed with a more experienced gamers in mind. The level of difficulty, while gradual, is still very high.

Buying this content entitles you to a PS3  system, PS4  system, and the "PS Vita" version of the system!


One thing is certain. Cosmophony not take any prisoners. I felt like I smashed my face against a brick wall hardcore difficulty. Strange, because when I first started playing this game, I thought it would be easy. There is no such an opportunity. Cosmophony is ass-kicker, and requires absolutely killer and a leading memory reflexes to beat it.

What is this animal game? Well, it's a rail shooter rhythm of music set to a drum and bass really great soundtrack from the French producer, DJ Salaryman. The player takes control of the ship and guide it down seven lines wireframe tunnel filled with geometric shapes. Some can be shot, while most of the objects to be avoided. Simple, eh?

Well, conceptually. But in practice, it's an intense workout in guiding your ship through the tunnel danger-packed with speed, where the gap is often tight from behind the proverbial duck's. Lightning quick reflexes needed to be sure, but also a good memory for motion gesture. the game moves at a very fast clip, and more often than not, you need to memorize the order of the objects so that you can successfully navigate them. Just rely on hand-to-eye coordination will not do - especially in the later levels when the trouble will be called to joypad-flingingly frustration level.

Fortunately, the game has a practice mode that lets you endlessly loop through part of the level until you are ready to tackle it right. This mode gives you a limited life, and have you fly through the tunnel is gray with no background distractions you have in Normal mode. It's well designed in that when you hit an object, the game takes you back to the last gate you pass through - there's one in every increase of 10% along the tunnel - which allows you to practice the part that is more complicated than the level repeatedly quickly until you can do it right.


Once you are ready to play the level all the way through, switch to Normal mode and off you'll go in full color. suitable action drum and bass beat is perfect, and it was very well executed. So much so that for the most part you can use music as a cue for the movement needed to navigate the danger-packed tunnel. At the third level in particular, there are some moments where you fly perfect sequencing through a series of tight lines and brilliant music builds as you progress. Later on the same level backspin effect stuttering display, need some very high-speed reflexes to successfully navigate sections. Get it right, and movement and music combine perfectly in a way that you can clearly feel. Get it wrong, and you actually know it. Not just because you destroy the ship into something - but because the time just did not feel right.

Where things start to get difficult is the fact that in Normal mode, you only have one life. Basically, you have to make an escape through the tunnel is perfect to complete. Doing so opens the next level: the failure to see you get stuck. While this may be a necessity to stop you from blitzing through the five levels of the game a bit thin, so it was a bit frustrating when you become stuck on a level - which is inevitable when you consider the excessive difficulty of the second level. It would be good to switch things and can overcome any rate, if only to turn up the soundtrack. However, this game was not designed that way, so all you can do is keep practicing and hope that you will eventually negotiate a successful level.

It's a hard-nosed design that basically polarizes the game into something that you will either love or hate. Or, in my case, start to love and then eventually hate it because it's so damn hard. I really wanted to finish the game, but it was very tough at the top, and I could not just move my fingers fast enough to clear it - though a lot of practice. I am sure that those who specialize in games hardcore, and have a great memory and finger lightning-fast will probably get a real kick out of this, knowing that they're one of the elite few who are able through this highly demanding, demanding game - assuming they could. But they are human beings who are not so quick on the trigger, while you may be fun for a few hours with this, it would certainly bog down the rate of four or five to be something that will ultimately frustrate you more than it's entertaining.


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PlayStation 4 (PS4) Contrast Gaming Review

    Release Date: Out Now

    Genre: Adventure

    Publisher: Compulsion Games

    Developer: Compulsion Games

In a 1920s film noir dreamscape, you must become your shadow to help a little girl heal her troubled family.


Game Detail

Contrast is a 2D/3D puzzle/platformer, set in a 1920's vaudevillian, film noir dreamscape, full of cabaret, illusion and performance.

You play as Dawn, the imaginary friend of a little girl, Didi, and you have the power to shift from the 3D world into a 2D shadowscape, by becoming your shadow.

Didi’s family isn’t perfect – her mother is a cabaret singer focused on her career, and her father isn’t around any more. As her imaginary best friend, you must use your shadow shifting abilities to solve complex puzzles, in order to help Didi investigate the secrets that lie behind her troubled family.

The Verdict
Contrast is a game full of heart, beauty, and at least a few excellent puzzles. It’s at its best when it marries its poignant story to its platforming, and at its weakest when it’s about moving boxes, but it rarely goes very long without showing us something worth playing.


Shining Example Of

Several times, it is even aware. There is particularly affecting moment when you platforming over the shadows parents Didi fight, and some fun scene that takes place in an amusement park collapsed. Control is often tricky, because a wrong step can suddenly knock you out of the shadow of the 2D plane. There is no penalty to fall to your death, though, so experimentation is what it's all about. It only ever hinted at what was a complex platforming-jumping shadow between the world could be, though. I feel like a lot of the techniques I learned in the early puzzles never really expanded.

A protruding from the circus that is very good to have you play the part of a princess who must constantly keep rescuers incompetent in a puppet as a father tells Didi. This is a smart concept that can only be maintained 2D platformer Limbo as their own, and it was over too soon.


shadowplay contrast is breathtaking, but the spell was broken midway through about five hours, when the puzzle began to rely on cliches like the idea of ​​moving the box to a button to hold the door open. I mean, come on - at least put the heart on the box. In addition to very beautiful platforming magic like jumping out of the shadows of this rotating carousel horse, the transport crate from point A to point B feels so pedestrian. Unfortunately, that's where I feel like I ended up spending most of my time.

Taking crates also where contrast is at its glitchiest, and I often get stuck in a mannequin pose while trying to pick up or interact with objects. At one point, I dropped the coffin into the hole one too many times refuse to respawn, and I have to restart the whole level.

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PlayStation 4 (PS4) Citizens of Earth Game Review Complete

    Release Date: Out Now
    Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG)

    Publisher: Atlus U.S.A., Inc.

    Developer: Eden Industriesv

O v e r v i e w

You've just been elected as Vice President of the World... So what now?
Recruit your friends, your family, and everyone else around town to join your party and fight your battles!

In this modern-day retro-RPG, you have returned home from the campaign trails for a little taxpayer-funded vacation... to find things have gone mad! Only YOU have the charisma it takes to delegate all the dirty work and save the world. So don't ask what you can do for your countrymen: Ask what your countrymen can do for you!

Summary: In Citizens of Earth, you head home after a too-long election, hoping for a respite. On the contrary, you are accosted with a myriad of oddities. You immediately (following your cup 'o joe) embark on a mission to travel the land, battle mutants, gain allies, overthrow a puppet government, snorkel for buried treasure, and, with the luxury of time, grab a well-deserved refill on your coffee.

Stop me if you've heard this one: The vice president, his mom, his brother, and a conspiracy theorist walk into a forest. They get into a random encounter with a deer with a telephone attached to its antlers. The entire group gets hit with roaming charges.

Welcome to most of your time in Citizens of Earth, where state-of-the-art bad puns, visual gags, and Colbert Report-lite political jabs are the glue holding together a fun, accessible, ‘90s-throwback RPG. This is a delightful game about the newly elected and clueless vice president of Earth finding himself and his random collection of constituents fighting the evil, caffeinated influence of the Moonbucks Corporation all over the streets and underground lairs of Crystal City.


Citizens of Earth wears its influences proudly. The obvious joke to make is that the game's title stops just short of calling itself Citizens of Earthbound, which would be appropriate, but also not necessarily an insult, considering that the game shows an enormous amount of respect for its inspiration; and really, Earthbound's a game that doesn't get ripped off enough. The reality, however, is that there are equal parts Suikoden and Pokemon running through the game's DNA as well, spiked with a dose of sharp but good-natured Western snark. The game runs a master class on puns alone (personal favorite being a scene where you face down an enemy called the Puppet President, who’s controlled by a literal Seat of Power), but it's not above the well-executed pop-culture reference (e.g., the ersatz Orkin lady who says “Exterminate!” in a Dalek voice) or taking a few gentle bites at politics in general. Citizens of Earth's commentary isn't exactly as scathing as your average Stewart/Colbert/Oliver diatribe, but it definitely takes its shots carefully and amusingly through its 20-odd hours. This is a game in which the VP, despite being the main character, never fights his own battles: with each fight, he literally hides behind omnipresent bushes, providing commentary and fretting over his perfect hair and teeth while the eponymous citizens do his dirty work. The dialogue is also solid, though the game gets strangely stingy with the voice acting after the first couple of hours, and seeing so many great one-liners float by as text-- as opposed to the great voice acting we get when each citizen is introduced--is a disappointment.


The game has far more reverence towards gameplay, however, and as mentioned, its influences are clear. From Suikoden, you get the sense of community, the concept of talking random characters from every corner of town;, and after performing a specific task--which could be anything from defeating a specific number of baddies, to completing some surprisingly frustrating Mario Party-esque minigames--you can invite these random characters to fight the good fight with you. There are about 40 of them to collect along the VP's journey, running the gamut from your own dear, sweet mother, who fights enemies with spankings and stat-lowering guilt trips, to computer programmers whose attacks hit (confusingly) in binary numbers. While some are much more useful than others, virtually any random job you might find in a small town is represented here, along with some sprinkles of pure wacky, like Conspiracy Guy and the local Ninja, and the sheer variety, the fun characterization, and lack of repetition among the wacky menagerie is fantastic, and addictive if only to mine all the new jokes out of the game.


Welcome to most of your time in Citizens of Earth, where state-of-the-art bad puns, visual gags, and Colbert Report-lite political jabs are the glue holding together a fun, accessible, ‘90s-throwback RPG.
The Pokemon comparisons come because, after recruitment, each character has to be trained up in order to take full use of their talents, some of which are useful both in and out of combat--like the Pilot, who can fly your party anywhere in the game world in seconds, or the Baker, who can make you delicious items without having to visit a store. As with Pokemon, all training requires is that characters be present during combat and they'll reap the XP benefits. It leads to the typical Pokemon situation of having to feed XP to underleveled characters to get them where they need to be. And afterward, you occasionally have situations like the Yoga Instructor or School Mascot, who provide such insane stat boosts per level that it almost feels like a cheat--but this is simply the double-edged sword that comes with being able to play the game in so many different ways.


From Earthbound, we get virtually everything else. CoE's graphics are much higher res and better drawn than Earthbound's 8-bit stylings, but the simplicity of CoE's Crystal City, how each area connects to the other, and the small-town feel of the place are familiar and functional. From merely walking down Main Street, to getting lost on Mount Pom Pom, it's simply a fun place just to wander in. And this is a feeling that doesn't go away the further you go, and the weirder the game gets. If there's a downside here, it's that the game's soundtrack is too nondescript for a game with so much character in every other respect.

Earthbound's combat system is almost copy-pasted here, right down to the trippy Hypnotoad backgrounds when fights start. You get a set of attacks--some basic, some costing energy orbs that replenish after a successful attack, and a few basic elemental strengths/weaknesses thrown in for good measure--and wail on enemies till they drop. The game has a nasty habit of making fights go on longer than they have to, because enemies will have transformations or defense moves that take multiple turns to compensate for, like the low-level walking java bean that transforms into a rabid, high-defense plant at the worst possible times. Citizens of Earth is a lot more forgiving, however, in that if your current character configuration isn't doing the trick fast enough, you can restart combat and swap out characters you don't need for that fight. Even if you die, you restart from the same spot on the map.


The game's biggest issue is that while the enemies are at least visible, they are legion, they start fights if they touch any of your characters onscreen, and they respawn the second you leave a room, even for a second. There's a neat trick where you can charge your characters at an enemy on the map who's got their back turned and kill them without even needing to fight, but the game gets finicky as to where some characters' backs are. It's frustrating at times, for sure, but there are so many ways to compensate that it's a wash.

Ultimately, the game is such an infinite fountain of charming and funny, that even when you've started rolling your eyes at how often you've had to wait for one of the traffic cone/hermit crab enemies to come out of defense, you end up getting into a conversation with an NPC and forgetting it ever happened. It's a fine slice of the ‘90s that developer Eden Industries has delivered here, and it's just too good being the Veep to let a few minor issues bring it down.


Salam Gamer MANIAK


PlayStation 4 (PS4) Child of Light Game Review Complete


    Release Date: Out Now

    Genre: Adventure

    Publisher: Ubisoft

    Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Before I tell you more about my experience playing Child of Light, and 2 what that missed my guess, let me introduce this game in advance. Child of Light is a game genre JRPG French developer made famous through the series Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell, Ubisoft. This game is made with the same engine with the engine Rayman Legends is UbiArt Framework. With this engine, Ubisoft can make a game with graphics quality picture hands like concept art.

Team game developers also said that the Child of Light is a poem that can be played for all the words made in this game has a rhythm like a poem or rhyme. Child of Light is also arguably the most experimental Ubisoft to create games with small teams. From this type of game, until the number of teams, arguably Child of Light is an independent gaming undertaken by the major studios. Without further ado, we just get into the discussion of this game.


Adventuring In Cloud Cuckoo Land 

Just like any other RPG, Child of Light has a world that you can explore at will. Because this game has a story setting inspired by the tales of children, then you will be presented a unique world like the world is in the story of Alice in Wonderland. The concept inspired by the fairy tale world, combined with beautiful graphics make Lemuria, the world in the Child of Light, being a very pleasant place to discover.

In this game you will play as Aurora, the daughter of the Duke of Austria (duke of Austria) were stranded in Lemuria. At the beginning of the game you will be presented with the withdrawal exploration platformer puzzle game like Braid. Movement owned Aurora in the first hour of the game is very limited. You are often faced with a platform that is too high to be passed so that should resolve some puzzles in order to continue onward. You also will not be able to easily avoid enemy in this section because it does though have a turn-based battle like the Final Fantasy series, in the Child of Light you can see enemies wandering around. So if you feel lazy to fight, you can avoid them.

Although it has limited movement in the beginning of the game, after passing the first boss Aurora will gain a new ability. It means that is the ability to fly. This capability is truly changing the exploration side of the game up to 180 degrees. Aurora area can be very much a direct access.

Not a few secret lines that you can find in this game, and even though you've tried to examine the entire remote areas, there is a possibility you would have missed one or two secret place. Aurora ability to fly will also help you to avoid enemies or to position yourself to be cornered enemy. Yes, when you meet the enemy position will determine the condition of the fight that I will discuss further below.

Do not forget in this game Aurora will be accompanied by a creature named Igniculus tangible light. With the help of Igniculus, you can light the way Aurora that is sometimes too dark. Igniculus can also help you access some items that can not be achieved by Aurora, as well as illuminating the secret path to make it easier to find. In addition, during the exploration you can take advantage of Igniculus to blind the enemy so that you can avoid them or attack them from behind.


At Nonstop Action Turn-Based Battle

One of the things that I doubt before the game is released is part of the battle. Ubisoft several times to promote that Child of Light is a game inspired by the JRPG genre. Initially I thought this Ubisoft statement appears just because this game has a battle with turn-based system, plus it when I see pieces battle in some trailers there seems part of this battle will be very boring game. It turns out I was very wrong.

Part battle and character customization in the Child of Light proved to be highly addictive and is one of the most brilliant shine aspect in this game. The mechanism of the battle in this game feels like a combination of Grandia 2 with Final Fantasy X. Some things that can be found in Final Fantasy X and Child of Light is a feature that allows you to swap the characters you use in battle, while the battle feature that can be found in Grandia 2 and this game would I describe further below.

As you can see above, this game has a bar that determines whether you can already choose the attack or not. After you choose the attack you must wait until your character is finished casting then the attack was launched. If the characters, both you and the enemy, were attacked in the middle of menuggu cast is completed, then the characters who attacked it will get interrupted status and her attack is canceled and must menuggu again until the time he was attacked.

Maybe if described with the phrase, gameplay battle of the Child of Light sounds boring or confusing, but if you try it directly, we guarantee, you'll be hooked with the battle system Child of Light. Surely you must like turn-based system by nature yes, if you really not a fan of turn-based, may be a bit difficult for you to enjoy the battle of the game.

Battle experience presented Child of Light is a turn-based experience with a fast tempo but keep setting strategy as well. Plus in battle you again could utilize Igniculus to heal your character or slow wait and cast time of the enemy. Simple features provided by this Igniculus proven to make the running battle so much better and feels very active even though the gameplay is basically a turn-based, which is synonymous with a lot of time waiting.


Character Customization With Large-Size Limits

One thing that I pity from Child of Light is the lack of system equipment. Unlike other RPGs in general, the whole armor and weapons which character you use will not be replaced. Not only that, the whole of these weapons will not be modified at all. This is obviously very disappointing given the Child of Light has a remarkable exploration of intriguing, but the number of items that could be found during the exploration is usually not as attractive as the exploration process itself. Had this game has a feature to replace the equipment, of course, a good part of the battle and as part of exploration will be many times better doubles.

Although it does not have the features equip, Child of Light paid for it with a feature called occuli. In this feature, you can install various types of diamond called occuli the characters that you have. Each occuli can be mounted in a position on offense, defense, and support. Each occuli also have different effects, and in every position posted there also different effects that can be produced. Occuli feature adds a lot of character customization aspect is in the Child of Light.

Does not end there, you can also experiment with occuli collection you have. By using features occuli craft, then you can combine occuli collection you can generate a stronger occuli or even occuli different kind altogether. There are dozens of combinations of results that you can get from all occuli that exist in the game, and it definitely makes the game becomes more exciting and more pronounced impression of its JRPG.

The last thing to emphasize the Child of Light as the RPG genre game is part skill tree. Each completed the battle, all the characters that you have included that did not join the battle, will gain experience points to help them level up. Whenever the level up, your character will gain a skill point that can be used to open new points in the skill tree which characters you milliki.

The points in the skill trees includes a skill or a new movement, a passive skill that will always be active in your character without the need to be removed, or an increase in stats such as HP, MP, strength, magic, and the like. Each character including party members also memilliki skill tree that is different and unique. Because the skill of them all are not the same, do not be surprised if in one fight you will often exchange the characters you use in battle.

Masterpieces of Audio Visual Arts 

When asked about the quality of the graphics which is owned by the Child of Light, it's not worth too lengthy to explain it. As you can see for yourself on the various screenshots I present, this game has a graphic quality of painting style with unusually good. Playing Child of Light it was like playing a painting that moves. The graphics are owned by Child of Light is guaranteed to be able to indulge your eyes. Even if if you play this game 10 years to come, I guarantee the quality of graphics Child of Light will not be broken down or swallowed era.

Judging from the screenshots of this game is no doubt the quality, but what if discussed in terms of animation? No need to worry because the animation is owned Child of Light looks very smooth and uneventful. For some of the main characters such as Aurora and family members, they are presented with a 3D model that lives in the 2D world. So when their hair blowing in the wind, the hair movement that emerged looks very smooth and cool.

Business graphics in the Child of Light feels it is no doubt at all, but what about the musical aspect in this game? Of the various trailers that there does this game have quality music, and so you play this game instantly, music that is guaranteed to be noticeably much more "wow" than when you hear it on the trailer.

Ubisoft Montreal as a game developer with apiknya putting the music that exists with the right moments in the game. Plus the music that was composed of piano and orchestral accompaniment is matched with the art direction and the theme carried by the Child of Light. Music in the Child of Light is done by popular musicians from Canada, Cœur de pirate.


Unique Enterprises And Chic, But Not For Many People

One thing that is often promoted by Ubisoft about Child of Light is about the whole dialogue, monologue and narrative in a game that was delivered with the rhythm. In the video behind the scene of the storytelling aspect of the Child of Light, Jeffrey Yohalem as the writer of this game says that the Child of Light is a playable poem, a poem that can be played.

This game has a story inspired by the tales about the escape into a fantasy world like the Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and others. Child of Light has a setting in a fantasy world called Lemuria. Lemuria itself is actually a continent that is said to have lost at one time. The story of this continent could be considered similar to the story of Atlantis, but not as popular as the continent.

"What is clear for business writing, Child of Light is obviously doing a new venture in the gaming industry, and this in itself is enough thumbs up."

As I briefly alluded to above, in this game you will play Aurora, daughter of the Duke of Austria who suddenly woke up in Lemuria. During the journey he went through in the game, Aurora tried to find his way back towards Austria, he met and helped various new friends in Lemuria. Aurora journey experienced in Lemuria arguably a journey that lead him to maturity, and according to Ubisoft this is illustrated through the story, the appearance of Aurora, as well as the leveling system in the Child of Light.

The sections above may sound typically found in other games. However, for business writing and storytelling Child of Light really had something different from the way of telling a story. As I mentioned above, all of the words in this game are made rhythm with ABCB rhyme. It is very unique because obviously no previous games that have a lot of dialogue and everything is made with the rhythm.

But unfortunately this unique things sometimes backfire for the Child of Light. Some parts of the dialogue in this game was forced to have rhythm. In addition, many of the parts of the dialogue is made quite difficult to understand for people who are not steeped in English literature. Although this is reasonable because the writing style in the Child of Light adjusted by setting the game is around the late 19th century in Europe. But if you're patient enough, you will be familiar with the full dialogue rhythm and although you'd still find some sentences that seem forced, still a lot of conversation in the game is written with a very slick.

What is clear for business writing, Child of Light is obviously doing a new venture in the gaming industry, and this in itself is enough thumbs up. But maybe things like English writing style European style in the Victorian era as well as a conversation with the rhythm is not suited to the taste of many people. But from some people who do not fit, is guaranteed a lot of them will be familiar with the style of writing in Child of Light after starting playing this game for a few hours.


Final Verdict : 
The Epic Family Entertainment And Educate

So, is the Child of Light is a game that deserves the purchase? It was clearly not in doubt. With a price that could be considered cheap and the experience offered, this game is clearly something that should not be missed. I myself finish this game within 15 hours and enjoyed every minute I spent in it.

Not only that, the same as Rayman Legends were done by the same studio, Ubisoft Montreal, this game is a perfect game for families to play together. If you are a parent, I obviously highly recommend this game for you to play along with your child for positive messages that exist in the game, at the same gameplay that could force people to think. Especially considering the Child of Light features a local co-op multiplayer that allows a second player to move Igniculus, the little light beings with the ability to develop simple but the gameplay in Child of Light so much wider.

So, do not waste any more time to wait to play this game. Even according to my Child of Light is a game that is worth to be purchased without having to wait for discounts in advance. Especially with inexpensive price of this game without a discount though.

G a m e  D e t a i l s 

From Patrick Plourde, creative director of Far Cry® 3, and Jeffrey Yohalem, the lead writer of Assassin’s Creed® Brotherhood, comes Child of Light™, a digital title developed by Ubisoft® Montreal.

Child of Light is an adventure inspired by fairy tales. The story takes us on the coming-of-age journey of Aurora, the daughter of a duke, who is transported to the fantastic world of Lemuria. Identified as a Child of Light and granted the power of flight, Aurora must fight the dark creatures of the Queen of the Night on her quest to save the sun, the moon, and the stars. Along the way she’ll discover that her destiny may be far greater than she ever dreamed.


Game Bundle

Save more than 40% with this special holiday bundle, which includes three award-winning games. The artist-friendly UbiArt Framework game engine allows artists to easily develop games using their living concept art. Each of these games is built with UbiArt engine and known for its unique hand-drawn art style, creating a new world of fantasy as these art pieces come to life.  

Rayman Legends – Unlock five uniquely themed worlds of colorful visuals and amusing music while battling grotesque and nutty creatures.  

Valiant Hearts: The Great War – Experience the stories of war and solve the puzzle by playing different characters whose destinies are intertwined in this comic book art–style game.  

Child of Light – Battle the forces of darkness in search of the sun, moon, and stars. Find your way home while exploring a world of oil-painted canvas.

Last suggestion from me, if you play this game, your hand is always prepared to take a screenshot. Because so many moments in the Child of Light which will obviously look very cool if made into wallpaper.


Salam Gamer MANIAK


PlayStation 4 (PS4) Cel Damage HD Gaming Review Complete


     Release Date: TBC
     Genre: Action / Arcade / Racing

     Publisher: Finish Line Games

     Developer: Finish Line Games

Take control of the world’s nuttiest cartoon drivers to demolish your friends with insane weapons and wacky arena hazards! Cel Damage HD is a Cross-Buy game - purchase once and play on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita!

Game  Detail

Take control of the world’s nuttiest cartoon drivers to demolish your friends with insane weapons and wacky arena hazards!

Cel Damage HD is the definitive local multiplayer game, so just add a couch and have a blast with your friends and family. Master the single-player mode to get a leg up on the competition!
  • Single-player / 2-4 player split-screen multiplayer
  • 30+ cartoon weapons, like Giant Hammer, TNT Sheep, and Shrink Ray
  • 10 unique characters and vehicles to play, each with different driving characteristics
  • 13 arenas, from a wild west ghost town to the inside of a moon crater
  • 3 game modes: racing, deathmatch and a capture the flag variant
  • 3 platform Cross-Save -- play on-the-go on PS Vita, then continue on PS4 and PS3
  • 100 Tons of fun (watch out!!)
Cel Damage HD is a re-release of the classic vehicle combat game Cel Damage, all tuned up and running in High Definition.



Cel Damage HD retains the 3 game modes of the original as well as the 10 playable characters (6 unlocked initially), 13 levels of the original game and weapons of the original game. The core concept of the game is that the 10 characters enter as contestants on the worlds most popular cartoon demolition derby TV show in order to achieve fame and become the worlds best demolition derby driver.

The key changes made from the original game were mostly either based on or built upon the European version of the original game Cel Damage: Overdrive.

The most significant change made to the gameplay was the overhaul of the weapon damage and health system of the game. Whereas in the original release where every weapon would deal an instant one-hit kill, Cel Damage HD introduces the traditional health bar and damage system found only in Cel Damage: Overdrive (the European PS2 release) although slight tweaks were made to the damage dealt by some of the games weapons.

The game also retains the stunting system (detailed below) and ability to perform a turbo boost (earned via performing stunts) also found in Cel Damage: Overdrive as well as making alterations to the AI in the form of dynamic difficulty adjustment to the AI in order to make the AI opponents more reactive and challenging from the original release.

Other additions include a reworked menu screen and trophy support for the game.


Stunt System

The stunting system not seen in the original release of the game features 4 components players can perform in order to either earn turbo boost tokens, double points in the Smack Attack game mode (as all points earned while stunting are doubled) as well as giving players complete control of their vehicle. The 4 components of the system are as follows:

Flips - Players may perform a 360 degree leap forward. Not only do forward flips give players a slight speed boost but they also earn players a turbo boost token for their boost meter.

Dodges - A dodge is similar to a forward flip but is either the left or right direction in a barrel-roll like motion. Performing dodges makes players less susceptible to attacks and damage temporarily and should players dodge onto an opponent, it will flatten the opponent and slow them down for a short period of time.

Hop - Players may also perform a hop which will cause their vehicle to do a small vertical hop.

Air Control - Any time players are remain the air for an extended period of time they can reorient their vehicle in order to land on their wheels and reduced the amount and speed of any rolls which may occur when they land.


Story In The Game

You may not have heard of Cel Damage HD, or maybe the name rings a bell somewhere in the far corners of your mind. That far corner of your mind would likely be in the year 2001, as that is when Cel Damage first released for the original Xbox. This game is an HD makeover of that original title, which received mixed reception both critically and commercially. Should we be rolling out the red carpet or should this game be left back in time 13 years ago?
Cel Damage HD is a cel-shaded, cartoony car combat game. Think a very tame version of Twisted Metal and you’d be in the right ballpark. There are six playable characters (10 total if you include the unlockable ‘Boss’ characters), 13 different stages, and a surprisingly huge variety of weapons. There are three different modes including a standard combat mode, capture the flag, and traditional combat racing. This is all concurrent with the original game and it doesn’t seem to me that any new or different content was added for this go around, though I haven’t played the original so that conjecture is based on my research of that original game.


Speaking of ‘this go around’, Cel Damage doesn’t seem to be a classic or beloved game in the same vein as Final Fantasy X, Jak and Daxter, and many other series that have recently received the HD treatment, so your guess is as good as mine when it comes  to figuring out why it was decided that this game should be made available on Sony’s latest system (with cross buy making it available on PS3 and Vita too).

There is a certain charm to the HD cel shaded visuals, crazy characters, and over the top weapons that hooked me when I first started playing. Certainly I wasn’t floored or amazed by anything, but there was something about a black and white gangster duck with a tommy gun that put half a smile on my face. The cast of characters is quite varied in personality and hearing the voice of your character throwing insults through the DualShock 4 speaker was a nice touch. While each of the characters is also supposed to differ in attributes such as top speed and cornering, I only noted minute differences between them and never felt that driving style held a big enough difference to select one character over another, as opposed to many other car combat style games.

The three modes consist of smack attack, capture the flag, and gate rally. Smack attack requires you to get a certain number of smacks on your opponents in order to win, with some weapons offering more ‘smacks’ than others, and kills resulting in 10 smacks. It’s about as close to a traditional death match as you are going to get in this game, and in my opinion, the most fun mode to play. Capture the flag is a basic game of grabbing flags and bringing them back to central base location, all while avoiding getting hit by other players and trying to attack any other player that has a flag themselves. This mode can be fun, but also quite frustrating as it is mere hits that make you drop flags as opposed to death. I suppose that with the small arenas, requiring death would be unrealistic, but it can still feel like a chore.


The final mode is a racing mode, which pits the players in a race through strategically placed gates in each arena. Gate rally had its hit and miss moments, with some matches being extremely easy and boring, and others actually offering fun through use of weapons and environmental hazards to slow down your opponents. Each mode is available in each of the 13 arenas, which are fortunately not just simple re-skins of each other, but actually provide quite varied terrain and require differing strategies on each one of them. This variety helped to stave off getting tired of playing for a little bit longer, however there was one factor that did wear me thin. This game just feels dated.

It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what it was, but between the controls, the visuals, and the overall concept, I couldn’t help but feel like this game didn’t belong in 2014. Without adding any new features to the re-release, it felt odd that I was basically playing an original Xbox launch title as a PS4 game. There could have been more done to make Cel Damage HD stand its ground in the modern age, but without added support, it buckled under the weight of 13 years of great games and advancements that have come since.

As I said, I didn’t play that original title, but the fantastic time machine that is the internet has taken me back to 2001, and to the very mixed reviews that it received at that time. No new characters, arenas, or even online functionality were added. My wife and I tried the co-op, but it just didn’t have anything to keep us competing for more than a couple of matches. Note for reference that my wife loves Twisted Metal and we continue to come back to that for couch co-op and competitive fun. I finished all of the trophies that the game had to offer in about three hours and at this point, don’t feel that I have much reason to go back to the game. It might be fun with a bunch of drunk friends over, but I have little reason to want to play Cel Damage HD  again, even for the separate trophy list on my Vita.


There’s a small shimmer of something fun and interesting under the 13 years of rust that coats Cel Damage HD. While certain areas show potential, others show the age of the game. If you’re itching for local multiplayer car combat, Cel Damage HD may whet your appetite.  This isn’t a game that I absolutely don’t want to play at all, but it’s not going to be anywhere close to the top of the list of things I decide to pull out and play, especially given the massive selection out there. Cel Damage HD is like re releasing a mediocre car from a decade ago and only giving it a fresh coat of paint. Without any significantly new content added to this year’s model, consider this a 13 year late mixed review of the original.

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PlayStation 4 (PS4) Call of Duty: Ghosts Game Review Complete

      Release Date: Out Now

      Genre: Shooter

      Publisher: Activision

      Developer: Infinity Ward

Call of Duty is a FPS game with a single player mode is the best in the gaming industry, a phrase which one is of course a statement that most often heard when the discussion of Militery shooter games surfaced in cyberspace. Interesting concept offered by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that brings modern cinematic war grew into the foundation of the resurrection, not just this franchise, but FPS games overall. Success formula is then trying to be followed by more products, including the Call of Duty series itself. This success gave birth to the annual release policy, and finally arrived in Ghosts that will characterize the year 2013.

You are able to read our preview of the previous course already have some idea of ​​what is really offered by COD: Ghosts, especially by the presence of the single player mode that has become the main force. Interesting to be anticipated, considering this to be the first chance to see the visual power that he has to offer, given the position of COD: Ghosts who is heralded as a next-gen product. Born as a new series of Infinity Ward - which incidentally is the brains behind the Modern Warfare trilogy made in the past there were so many strong anticipation for this one series. Met or not? It became the second question is crucial.

So what is really offered by the Call of Duty: Ghosts? Why do we call it a draw for a new beginning?


P l o t s

The family is the most precious treasure, not only for family members to each other, but also for the country. This might be the most appropriate phrase to describe the fabric core plot that seeks to offer Infinity Ward on Call of Duty: Ghosts. The point itself is still not out of the red thread that seems to be the standard cliche story for any military FPS shooter game that came to the market. Absolutely, returned about America and its supremacy in the military field and how this country will survive any kind of attack. MURICA!

What does it mean the United States without sufficient resources to turn the wheels of their economies? The scenario is what happened in COD: Ghosts. After cutting off supply of crude oil from the Middle East, the United States as a superpower has now begun to erode by the countries of South America which now holds the world's oil supply. Are members of the Federation, these countries are not only expanding power in the economic field, but also by their military capabilities. Open invasion that do finally arrive in the United States. The climax? By mastering outer space weapons - Odin.

The invasion troops do Federation makes Odin turns against the "master" itself - the United States. United States was on the edge of collapse, with minimal force to resist the invasion of the Federation vigorous. One of them emerged from the special forces member who was well respected - Ghosts. With his trademark skull-patterned mask, known as the Ghosts unit that never fails to carry out any mission that is handed to them. You yourself will play as a young Ghosts - Logan were joined together with your brother - HESH. As a grand reunion, Logan and HESH runs under the command of his father - Elias, a veteran of the Ghosts are called back to turn this particular unit. The great battle began to restore the supremacy of the United States, with so many missions spread not only on land but also the sea, and even outer space. Easy trip? Of course not. Especially when this effort was blocked by Gabriel Rorke - a former member of the best Ghosts are now actually working under the Federation. Revenge becomes the main motive.

Can The Ghosts reinstate the rule of the United States and subjecting the Federation? What actually happened at Rorke? What is he really up to? All of these questions can you answer by playing Call of Duty: Ghosts this.

Do Wonder Called Next- Gen ?

Before we get into the gameplay mechanics or what innovations they offer at a deeper level, there are so many questions that are still raised strong at the surface level, let alone discuss the status of COD: Ghosts as a next-gen project. As we can imagine, next-gen is always associated with the level of visualization is more qualified, with a myriad of physics and features that previously could not be applied. As a next-gen project, anticipating the existence of Ghosts certainly can not be separated from this one. So, is it appropriate COD: Ghosts referred to as a game that truly maximize the potential of next-gen?

With the need for up to 6 GB of RAM specification (which turned out to be a lie), it seemed increasingly clear status. But once you try it directly? There are so many big questions on the visual side, especially when compared with neighboring competitor products that are all out with their latest engine. The effects of light indeed perform better in Ghosts, but not on the side of the existing texture. You will find so many low-resolution texture berterbaran throughout the game, and will be very easy to see if you play it on a monitor large enough. Posts blurred, without the texture of stone, to detail the explosion and the smoke that did not offer any details deserve note. It's like an older engine with little makeovers. Extra hope destruction for strategic advantage? Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Pantaskah called next-gen? As far as our perspective and when compared with the visual quality of the other next-gen games are scattered, Activision has great PR to make COD worthy of the name. Except, if Activision did carry out the same policies with EA Sports and 2K Sports, where the engine for the current gen and next-gen consoles made separately.


Woof Woof !

It is difficult to expect an extraordinary innovation of an FPS game. Because, basically, regardless of your dreams, FPS games have always been about moving from point A to point B, to survive, cut-scene, and eventually met by the end of the chapter, which then repeats. This cycle does not seem to be stopping in Call of Duty: Ghosts this. You will still persist with the same gameplay mechanics. Like the previous COD series, there are variants of the weapons offered but did not produce a unique experience different from one another. Recoil was never an issue and you can shoot blindly to neutralize any threats.

One of the innovations may be different due to the presence of the figure of the dog - Riley, who took part in several missions at the earliest. Military dogs this one is already a major selling point offered by Infinity Ward since COD: Ghosts was first introduced to the public. Riley called a key to bring the experience of different COD, and even become central to the story. There is so much speculation spread in cyberspace, even predicted the death of Riley as emotionally evocative event which makes Ghosts feel special. The result? Woof woof!

Fought together with Riley is no different when you're fighting with another friend AI. He can not die from bullets and just stopped for some time when the increasingly brutal attacks. The difference? You can press Q to ask Riley to attack the enemies that are difficult for you to reach, especially those tight hiding behind a protective wall. Orange indicator will show the position of Riley. Not only the command like this, some of the chapters even allow you to serve as Riley himself. You move and help Logan and HESH infiltrate locations packed with soldiers Federation. Run and hide, you can end the life of this soldier quickly. The problem? There is no rational explanation of how you can control the dog and ruled as freely as you want. But like other game series, rationality was never an important part. Another woof woof!

Surprise him? Riley was not so important role in the gameplay and story. He's not a dog that will follow you from the beginning to the end of the game. Prediction that he would become one of the central figures indisputable when you play COD: Ghosts is in progress far enough.

Another element that makes COD: Ghosts different as well as the desire Infinity Ward to menyuntikkkan little taste "Battlefield" in this series. Previous series did accommodate your needs for advanced equipment and heavy roles with several small segments, in which you control a UAV missile control or even satellite though. But in COD: Ghosts, the chance to drive a heavy military vehicles ala Battlefield finally comes. You can drive a helicopter and a tank in some missions chapter. But do not expect you'll find a control vehicle "realistic" ala Battlefield. Like sliding on an icy lake, all the vehicle's motion was very smooth and fast, feels odd to gaming on your own instincts. Maneuver impossible arcade-style game felt conspicuous. Tank as fast as cars or helicopters that can go around forward and backward stably and quickly? Infinity Ward has homework in this sector.

Still Filled With "WOW" Effect!

Introduces cinematic cut-scenes of Hollywood incredible? If calculating based on annual releases existing policy, then there are more than seven games Call of Duty is the concept and selling the same value. With so many cinematic scenes that have been offered Infinity Ward and Treyach, it seems almost impossible to rediscover moments are enough to make you surprised and fascinated. How come? For seven years, you've seen the third world war, the invasion of the drone to the United States, the legendary sniping missions, atomic bomb explosion, until the death of many iconic characters is staggering. Call of Duty: can still make you surprised and fascinated? Can not be presumed, yes.

Somehow, there's always something different when Call of Duty handled by Infinity Ward than Treyach. Developer of this one seemed to not care about the myriad of features and a range of new mechanics who desperately trying injected Treyach in Call of Duty: Black Ops II for example. Not just a FPS, Treyach trying to inject mode strategy, tower defense, and multiple endings in the series. Successful or not? Still pose a long debate. But Infinity Ward comes to what makes them known so far - a pure FPS game with capabilities unmatched cinematic and story. No niceties like trying to do Treyach, only a FPS game in the style of Modern Warfare. Simplicity is still able to produce the effect of "WOW" in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

There are so many cut-scenes in the destructive massive scale that will make you fascinated and in love, sensation that still inspires. The fact that characters like Logan and HESH designed as sisters also offer the potential emotional involvement, especially when the latest series Ghosts glide in the future. Large explosion, slow motion, an event that can not be predicted in advance, cinematic camera, and voice acts that lingers making single player COD: Ghosts remain charming.

But it is not just a cut-scene alone makes this incredible experience, but also the fact that Infinity Ward has never limited themselves to throw crazy ideas and implement them into the gameplay. The fight underwater with tiny bubbles glide detail every time you fired your weapon and the threat of sharks that are so scary but a fraction of the value of this sale. Or charm offered by the mission that asks you to infiltrate a high-rise building at night time, in kesunyina. Who would have imagined a gun battle in outer space, the vacuum without gravity, where you move freely in the middle of a shattered moon? Well, Infinity Ward did and it's awesome!


GamePlay: You Never Play It Previous

If you like the Call of Duty then you'll like how weapons work in ghosts, ghosts this because it is very similar in terms of gameplay. Even the "very same" is the right word to describe the game as a whole, since there is nothing new in this game. You will take refuge behind cars and shoot people all the time.

As typical of other game Call of Duty you will be along the corridors of the building in each level (if you get into a building in this game then it is likely that the building will collapse). But there are also side missions like flying a helicopter, drive a tank and shoot people in outer space and under water, even you can also control the dog for a while. However it was not able to provide a significant variation. Call of Duty ghosts have a lot of scenes that actually intriguing but overworked so they no longer attracted me, like jumping into the helicopter. Nothing in Call of Duty ghosts that will make you be surprised if you've played the previous series.

There are several missions in this game that offers something new (at least for me, but remember that I missed a few series COD). In the mission "Federation Day" which is the best mission you will kill your opponent secretly in a skyscraper while the building down from the rope. You will be entered into one of the glass and using a strobe light to blind the enemy.

This mission is pleasant enough but I think it would be better if you are given a choice of how you will run the mission, so you have no control and not merely undergo a scenario that has been made. I look forward to using the strobe attachement again on another mission, but I can not do. ghosts dictate to you step by step and there is nothing you can do to deviate from the scenario that has been made.

You may think I am a little unfair with this game. But I think we have to re-evaluate in the context of the Call of Duty. This is the 10th game of the series Call of Duty and will be the first series of a series of ghosts, if during this time there is no way to add a new formula to the game? Do the same formula and graphical improvement in every series be enough reason for you to buy it for $ 60?

Personally I do not think so. But if you like the Call of Duty formula is so-so only then you will be satisfied with the Call of Duty: ghosts. Just do not expect surprises in this game, because you never played this game before.

Card: I Hope You Love With Color Brown

Unfortunately it is not just the story and the gameplay is boring, graphics, too. In this game you'll play in mostly forest with full of greenery, brown and gray background. Nothing really meninggakan impression and some scenes even tasted taken from other games (no tank scenes in this game is very reminiscent me to the mission of tanks in Battlefield 3).

In addition to forest dominated by dark colors there is also an environment with bright colors like on a mission "Federation Day" that I just mentioned and also a mission where you will play a mountain snow in the hot months. But most of the game takes place in buildings that have been destroyed or industrial areas such as trains or oil drilling.

In terms of graphics quality, if you've ever played Call of Duty before then you'll know how the quality of ghosts. I play the ghosts with the highest setting on your PC and does not look so stunning. You can see how the game engine is already an old game. It does not look bad indeed, but can not be equated with its competitors Battlefield 4. While PCnya requires 6 GB version but Call of Duty: ghosts are not spelled out fantastic in terms of presentation.


S o u n d

The sound design ghosts in a fairly normal game and even less accurate. Some parts of the game sounds very good but some sounded forced. Some sounded very weak weapon and some voice sounded too over-complex. You will not hear this too often along the way you play, but when this happens, then you can clearly hear it.

Actingnya voice quality is also fairly normal, even sometimes the conversation sounded very flat and boring. For me this is very different from Battlefield 4 game that has a very good voice acting at all. ghosts put a famous actor Stephen Lang as a voice actor, but throughout the game you will not be aware of who he played because there was nothing too stand out.

For the music business game, ghosts using orchestral music adds to the tension in several missions. But you probably will not notice the whole game. I just finish this game and there is no rhythm of music that sticks in my head. Perhaps the most memorable music is Eminem song that appears at the end of the game.

M u l t i P l a y e r

But of course, for many people, Call of Duty is not about a single player. Mutilplayernya mode is what keeps people playing this game. Unfortunately, although there are some new menu but the gameplay is still the same.

Squad is the latest additional mode which is basically multiplayer with bots. It is suitable for those who do not feel confident to jump into the online server. There is also a mode where you together Extinction 4 other random people have to survive the onslaught of aliens / zombies for as long as you can. Actually quite fresh to the size of the Call of Duty but you must already often play this mode in other games.

Traditional gameplay mode also got some new fad but nothing exciting. I found a new mode called cranked that will force players to continue running and kill to survive. You will also find guard dogs which sometimes spawn to kill you when you kill someone. But perhaps the most disappointing was the loss Headquarter mode and Search and Destory, I do not know why this mode is eliminated but that certainly is a new mode like Crancked and Hunter was not able to fill this void.

But in general if you like multiplayer mode in the series before then, ghosts additional offers so much more. But it can not be said to be worth the price is $ 60, you can buy a game the previous version with a cheaper price and get approximately the same thrill and anyway the previous version of the game in addition to cheaper also has a lot of players.

  • In Call of Duty: Ghosts you don't just create a class, you create a soldier, a first for the franchise. In the new Create-A-Soldier system, players can change the physical appearance of their soldier by choosing the head, body type, head-gear and equipment, and for the first time in a Call of Duty® game, the player can also choose their gender. With 20,000 possible combinations, this is the most flexible and comprehensive character customization in Call of Duty history.
  • New dynamic maps are the evolution of multiplayer. They include interactive elements and player triggered events that make the environment evolve as each match goes on. The entire landscape can shift and force players to change tactics and strategies.
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts introduces new tactical player movements. The new contextual lean system now allows players to lean around obstacles without adding button combinations or fully leaving cover. The new mantling system allows fluid movement over objects, while maintaining momentum. The knee slide allows for a natural transition from sprinting crouching to prone.
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts delivers over 20 NEW Kill Streaks in Call of Duty: Ghosts - such as Juggernaut Maniac, the Helo Scout, the Vulture and the ODIN Strike. Players can even bring in guard dog Riley, from the single-player campaign, to protect and also to attack enemies. There are also over 30 NEW weapons, including an entirely new weapon class: Marksman Rifles.
  • Build your team and take up to 6 of them into battle in the all new Squads mode. This mode takes the best parts of the multiplayer experience and allows you to play either solo or cooperatively with the custom soldiers created and leveled up in multiplayer.
  • The load-out choices you make for your Squad members will directly change the AI behavior of your squad-mates. Give your soldier a sniper rifle and he'll behave like a sniper, and an SMG guy will be more run and gun.


The statement that Call of Duty is an epitome for the single player mode games FPS genre is difficult to be inviolable. Regardless of age has reached more than seven years and gameplay mechanics are not much different in each series, one game is still able to offer a decent quality for the thumbs up. Cinematic quality, variations in setting the mission, to a variety of cut-scenes still senimatik that epic will leave you breathless and agree that as this is a single player FPS mode should be made. But beyond all, Call of Duty: Ghosts hardly offer anything new.

There are some weaknesses that deserve to be recorded, regardless of the repetitive mechanics which is already a part that can not be separated from an FPS game. One that is quite disappointing was the mechanical control of the vehicle in a mission that feels very arcade, as Infinity Ward did not want to bother to represent tanks or helicopters feel more realistic. It was like playing a classic game Army Men 3D ancient times, only faces made into a first person perspective. Vehicle motion feels very slippery without a hitch, as the wind and the road surface does not give any feel. The role of Riley who was not as big as imagined also become its own record. But the biggest drawback? Apart from all the explosions and bombastic war she was offering, Ghosts remained stuck at very cliche plot design.

But despite all these drawbacks, COD: Ghosts are still able to prove itself as a game that deserves to be tested in the single player mode, including those of you who may have already raised their hands and surrender to taste more of this franchise. Ghosts will be a new beginning for an interesting story to continue to be exploited in the future. Not as perfect as the first Modern Warfare indeed, but there is an expectation and its own interest to follow this new direction Ghosts. Surprise what else they can offer after submarine warfare and space to make gamers captivated? It will be a difficult task for Infinity Ward.


  • Cut-scenes are still dazzling cinematic
  • The character design and voice acts topnotch
  • Submarine warfare and space that feels different


  • Plots that feels cliche
  • Visualize that do not represent the quality of the next-gen
  • Riley did not play a lot in the story
  • Control of the vehicle which is far from realistic
Suitable for gamers: fans of the military shooter epic, who do not like the direction Treyach in Black Ops II.

Not suitable for gamers: fans military shooter simulation, shooter gamers who want a neighborhood that could be destroyed.

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